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UMR 8191 CEA, CNRS, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, G-INP

Spintronics and Technology of Components laboratory

Published on 14 November 2022

Executive Director:
Lucian Prejbeanu
Deputy Director:
Olivier Fruchart
Chief Scientist:
Bernard Dieny

Positioned at the crossroad of science and technology, Spintec (SPINtronique et TEchnologie des Composants) is one of the leading spintronics research laboratories worldwide.
)Spintec objective is to bridge fundamental research and innovative devices technology in the fast-growing field of spin electronics (spintronics). The international technology roadmap for semiconductors (ITRS) now reckons that spintronics devices will play a major role in tomorrow’s semiconductor chips, with the potential to totally displace the stand alone (e.g. DRAM) and embedded memory market. Other fast-developing fields include magnetic field sensors and bio-applications. As such it is critical to be at the forefront of research, to generate a strong IP position and to establish the proper partnerships for technology transfer.