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Ivan Duchemin - Atos-Joseph Fourier Prize

Atos, in partnership with GENCI (Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif), today announces the winners of the 2022 edition of its annual scientific competition, the Joseph Fourier Prize, created in 2009 by Bull and GENCI. Ivan Duchemin, a researcher in the Materials Modeling and Exploration Laboratory at Irig, receives the second prize in advanced computing and 200,000 GPU hours of machine time on GENCI supercomputers.

Published on 7 July 2022
The jury, composed of independent personalities representing the French scientific and industrial world, chose to reward several innovative projects:
The 1st prize in advanced computing is awarded to researcher Jean-Christophe Hoarau, currently a post-doctoral fellow at ONERA (Office national d'études et de recherches aérospatiales) for his research on the atomization of liquid jets.
The 2nd prize in advanced computing is awarded to Ivan Duchemin from the Modelling and Exploration of Materials laboratory at IRIG.
His research concerns the description of matter by means of so-called "ab initio" calculations, i.e. based exclusively on the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. It is indeed by going down to the level of the most elementary phenomena that we can finely simulate materials and characterize them, in order to propose more efficient solutions. Ivan's work is particularly interesting because he designs fundamentally more efficient algorithms, while implementing them on parallel machines, up to several tens of thousands of cores, in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the real conditions of use of these materials.
The Atos - Joseph Fourier Prize aims to reward the work of researchers, academics and industrialists in two strategic areas: Advanced Computing (supercomputing, quantum computing, edge computing) and Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on decarbonization with the objective of participating in a positive acceleration of research and innovation.
The Atos - Joseph Fourier Prize is an annual competition for scientists from all over the world, who apply individually or in teams to their local Fourier competition.
By means of this competition, Atos supports innovation in the field of quantum science, simulation and computer analysis that will lead to tangible industrial applications in our lifetime. The prize honors the mathematician Joseph, whose work in the 18th century contributed greatly to the mathematical modeling of physical phenomena.

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